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Wilk Court, off Great Pearl Street, Spitalfields - Part of the Civil Parish of Christ Church, administrative county of London,  district of Whitechapel. Spitalfields ward.  Ecclesiastical Parish or District: St Stephens, RG12/273.

A Wilk Court - Page 118

378 1 William Dalton H Wi 37 M Gen Labourer Ed London, Bethnal Green  
    Mina Fayers Vi Wi 38 F     do, do  

B Wilk Court

379 1 Sarah Couchman H S 30 F Charwoman Ed St Albans  
    George Couchman So S 5 M     London, Whitechapel  
380   Emma Yoxall H M 54 F Nil   do, Shoreditch  
    Edward do So S 15 M Hawker Ne do, do  

C Wilk Court - Page 119

381 1 John Ellis H M 62 M Market Porter Ed London, Spitalfields  
    Maria do W M 54 F do, Spitalfields  
    Arthur do So S 22 M  Market Porter  Ed  do, do   
    George do So S 25 M  do, do  Ed  do, do   
    Henry do So S 16 M  do, do  Ed  do, do   
    Emily do Da S 19 F  Nil    do, do   
382   Charles Morris H M 42 M  Gen Labourer Ed do, Whitechapel  
    Ann Morris W M 32 F     Wales, Cardiff   
383   Mary A. Markham H Wi 64 F Charwoman Ed London, Peckham  
    Elizabeth Markham Da S 26 F Washerwoman Ed do, do   

26 in Wilk Court

384 1 Thomas Clines H M 39 M Gen Labourer Ed London, Hoxton  
    Ellen do W M 38 F     do, do   
    Alice do Da S 10 F Scholar   do, do   
    Mary do Da S 7 F do   do, do   
385   Henry Ball H M 30 M Dock Labourer Ed do, Whitechapel   
    Florence Ball W M 24 F Tailoress Ed Hendon  
    Lilly Sims Vi S 20 F Paper Bag Maker Ed Brighton  
386   Mary A. Puckeridge H Wi 27 F Charwoman Ed Cardiff  
    Agnes do Da S 2 F     London, Spitalfields  
387   Susan Cox H S 28 F Charwoman Ed do, Bethnal Green   
    Agnes Cox Da S 6F     do, St Georges E  
388   Arthur Eppey H M 30 M Gen Labourer Ed London  
    Lydia do W M 29 F     do  

28 in Wilk Court

389 1 William Stamps H M 39 M Bricklayer Ed London, St Luke's  
    Martha do W M 38 F Box Maker Ed do, Bethnal Green  
    Martha do Da S 10 F Scholar   do, Spitalfields  

Half Wilk Court, Spitalfields, appears here