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SchedInhabFirst NameSurnameRel to HeadMarital StatusAge SexOccupationEmpl StatusWhere BornAffli- ctions
Microfiche number RG12/240, Page 20,   65 Lombard Street, London City,
5 I Percy Lusty Austen S 29 M Banker's Clerk Ed London (Dalston)
5 John Jones S 30 M Bank Messenger Ed Merioneth, Llannannffraid
5 Alfred W. Gladden S 22 F Bank Messenger Ed Norfolk, Marsham
5 Albert Lamb S 26 M House Porter Ed Berks, Ashamstead
5 Mary Pritchard S 32 F Cook, Domestic Servant Ed Flintshire, Newmarket
5 Annie J.E. Jec S 26 F Housemaid, Domestic Servant Ed London, Chelsea
5 Mary A. Nill S 18 F Housemaid, Domestic Servant Ed London, Paddington
5 Eliza Evans S 34 F Housemaid, Domestic Servant Ed Carmarthen, Cwendennantt
5 John Humphries H M 56 M Resident Housekeeper Ed Merioneth, Corwen
5 Sarah J. Humphries W M 55 F Resident Housekeeper Ed Hereford, Peterstow
5 John H. Humphries So S 24 M Insurance Clerk Ed London, Marylebone
5 Sidney Humphries So S 23 M Law Student London, Marylebone