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SchedInhabFirst NameSurnameRel to HeadMarital StatusAge SexOccupationEmpl StatusWhere BornAffli- ctions
Microfiche number RG12/242, Page 95,   9 Hearn Street, Shoreditch,
83 I George Bell H S 67 M Hawker, Coster Ne London, Shoreditch
84 George John Murray H S 42 M Gas Fitter Ed London, Shoreditch
85 Charles Williams H M 31 M General Labourer, (Dock Yd) Ed London, Finsbury
85 Catherine Williams W M 34 F London, Whitechapel
85 Charles Williams So S 11 M London, Finsbury
85 Mary Williams Da S 10 F London, Finsbury
85 Lucy Williams Da S 4 F London, Shoreditch
85 James Williams So S 2 M London, Shoreditch
86 William Yates H M 43 M Horse Collar Maker Ed Staffordshire, Walsall
86 Ellen Yates W M 39 F Warwickshire, Birmingham
86 William Yates So S 16 M Warwickshire, Birmingham
86 Edith Yates Da S 9 F Berkshire, Windsor
87 Stephen Bennis H M 37 M Printer, Compositor Ed Ireland
87 Margaret Bennis W M 37 F Ireland
87 John Bennis So S 14 M Printer, Compositor Ed Ireland
87 Stephen Bennis So S 10 M London, Shoreditch
87 Edward Bennis So S 3 M London, Shoreditch
87 Margaret Bennis Da S 1 F London, Shoreditch
88 Mary Burns H Wi 63 F Charwoman Ed Somersetshire, Bristol
88 Henry Burns So S 34 M Dock Labourer Ed London, Whitechapel
89 Sarah Tuck H Wi 40 F Charwoman Ed Ireland
89 Jane Turner - Wi 39 F Charwoman Ed Kent, Town not known
90 Dennis Ryan H M 56 M Drape Maker Ed Ireland
90 Bridget Ryan W M 42 F Ireland
90 James Ryan So S 23 M Messanger, Soap Maker's Ed London, Borough EC