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SchedInhabFirst NameSurnameRel to HeadMarital StatusAge SexOccupationEmpl StatusWhere BornAffli- ctions
Microfiche number RG12/242, Page 94,   7 Hearn Street, Shoreditch,
74 I Joseph Barton H Wi 52 M Builder's Labourer Ed Ireland
75 David White H M 56 M Bricklayer Ne Ireland
75 Mary White W M 54 F Ireland
76 John Lyons H M 20 M Carman Ed London, Minories
76 Ellen Lyons W M 21 F London, Whitechapel
76 Margaret Lyons Da S 1 F London, Bishopsgate
76 Ellen Kailor Ml Wi 40 F Charwoman London, Whitechapel
76 Bridget Kailor Sl S 17 F London, Whitechapel
77 Mary Driscoll H Wi 57 F Ireland
77 Daniel Lyons Ne S 27 M Bricklayer's Labourer Ed London, Shoreditch
77 Flarance Lyons Ne S 16 M Carman at Contractors Ed London, Shoreditch
78 Michael Doyle H M 41 M Labourer, Soap Factory Ed Ireland
78 Mary Doyle W M 42 F Ireland
79 Mary Ann Heyes H Wi 33 F Tailoress London, Clerkenwell
79 Mary Ann Heyes Da S 9 F Scholar London, Clerkenwell
79 Edward Heyes So S 1m M London, Shoreditch
79 James Haycote Bl M 35 M Bricklayer Northumberland, North Shields
79 Ellen Haycote Si M 31 F Ironer, Wash London, Whitechapel
79 Eliza Murphy Au Wi 53 F Ironer, Wash Ireland
80 Michael Scully H M 48 M Soap Maker Ireland
80 Ann Scully W M 46 F Char Woman London, Shoreditch
80 Ann Bridget Scully Da S 17 F Domestic Servant (General) London, Shoreditch
80 Mary Scully Da S 10 F Scholar London, Shoreditch
80 Michael Scully So S 8 M Scholar London, Shoreditch
81 Joseph Lockhart H M 28 M Carman London, Bishopsgate
81 Mary Lockhart W M 30 F Book Folder London, Finsbury
81 Joseph Lockhart So S 7 M London, Bishopsgate
81 James Lockhart So S 3 M London, Shoreditch
81 Jessie Lockhart Da S 1 F London, Shoreditch
81 Mrs Corsery Bo S 60 F Tailoress London, Bishopsgate
82 Patrick Cook H Wi 68 M Soap Maker's Labourer Ed Ireland
82 William Cook So S 22 M Soap Maker's Labourer Ed London, Shoreditch