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SchedInhabFirst NameSurnameRel to HeadMarital StatusAge SexOccupationEmpl StatusWhere BornAffli- ctions
Microfiche number RG12/280, Page 146,   1 Garden Court, George Yard, Whitechapel, Lodging House
113 I Joseph Mason H M 69 M Low Comedian, Actor Ed Suffolk
113 Mary Ann Mason W M 36 F Hampshire
113 Thomas Knight H M 50 M Builder Ed Surrey
113 William Adam H M 58 M Herbalist Ed Middlesex
113 William Jackson H S 19 M Tramp Ed Devon Imbecile
113 John Prior H Wi 44 M Herbalist Ed Middlesex
113 Henry Evans H S 20 M News Agent Ed Middlesex
113 William Gallagher H S 24 M Bus Driver Ed Middlesex
113 John Tichborne H S 44 M General Labourer Ed Middlesex
113 Michael Duffey H S 48 M General Labourer Ed Middlesex
113 John Anderson H S 35 M Labourer Ed Kent
113 Timothy Hurley H S 49 M Baker Ed Middlesex Deaf
113 John Foley H M 56 M General Labourer Ed Philadelphia
113 John French H M 40 M Musician Ne Rouen, France
113 Marie French W M 30 F Bayonne, France
113 William Harrison H S 21 M News Agent Ed London, Whitechapel
113 Thomas Davis H S 30 M Musician Ed London, Whitechapel
113 Thomas Rolfe H S 26 M Hawker Ne Suffolk
113 Margaret Hiller H S 20 F Chambermaid Yorkshire
113 Cyprian Leon H M 50 M Chemist Paris, France
113 Bridget Leon W M 45 F Paris, France
113 John Bannister H S 32 M General Labourer Ed Middlesex
113 William Collins H S 29 M General Labourer Ed Ryde, Isle of Wight
113 Joseph Ledgers H S 56 M Market Gardener Ed Essex
113 Joseph Finnigan H S 26 M General Labourer Ed Ireland, Kilkenny
113 George Booth H S 32 M Hawker Ne Essex
113 James Day H S 20 M Watchmaker Middlesex
113 William Manchester H S 30 M Hawker Ed Manchester
113 John Brown H S 27 M General Labourer Ed Stepney, Middlesex
113 Louisa Jordan W M 39 F Whitechapel, Middlesex
113 George Jordan Husband M 42 M General Labourer Romford, Essex
113 Harriet Talbey H S 26 F Middlesex, Islington
113 Mary Ann Smith H S 24 F Gloucestershire, Cirencester
113 Robert Chate H S 28 M Tailor Hants, Winchester
113 Thomas Cooke H S 40 M Barman Lincolnshire, Greetham
113 George Fowler H S 21 M Cabinet Maker London, St. Botolph, Aldgate
113 Henry Williams H S 46 M Carman Essex, Chelmsford
113 George Druce H S 19 M Hawker Ne Surrey, Croydon
113 Lawrence Donovan H S 62 M Hawker Ne Ireland, Kingston, Woodlawn
113 Louise Wardenphel H S 56 F Cook Italian, Germany
113 Gelsomino Ricci H S 45 M Italian Organ Grinder Ne Naples, Italy
113 John Dawson H M 43 M Cooper Stepney, Middlesex
113 Louisa Dawson W M 40 F Stepney, Middlesex
113 Robert Buchanan H S 36 M Engine Fitter Glasgow, Scotland
113 Walter Thomas H S 24 M Warehouse Clerk Newport, Monmouth, S. Wales
113 William Ryan H S 39 M General Labourer Ed Middlesex, Whitechapel
113 Patrick Reardon H S 43 M General Labourer Ed Middlesex, Stepney
113 Elizabeth Rine W M 40 F Middlesex, Spitalfields
113 John Rine H M 50 M General Labourer Ed Boston, U.S.A.
113 John Knox H S 28 M General Labourer Ed Dublin, Ireland
113 William Phillips H S 56 M General Labourer Ed Sutton, Surrey
113 Thomas Badcock H S 39 M Hawker Ne Southampton, Hunts
113 Richard Jones H S 18 M Shoeblack Ne Cardiff, South Wales
113 Annie J. Clair H S 17 F Actress Holborn, Middlesex
113 Matilda Thompson H M 26 F Stepney, Middlesex
113 Rebecca Thompson Da S 3 F Warsash, Hants
113 Harry Thompson So S 1 M Whitechapel, Middlesex
113 Matilda Shaw H Wi 49 F Stepney, Middlesex
113 Thomas Burns H S 26 M Omnibus Conductor Ed Paisley, Scotland
113 William Dorne H S 64 M General Labourer Ed Hartford
113 Thomas Rich H S 27 M General Labourer Ed Kingston, Surrey
113 Alfred Hunt H S 33 M Ballad Singer Ne Fareham, Hants
113 William White H S 30 M Ships Cook Brighton, Sussex
113 Henry Gordon H S 22 M Butcher Haverford West, (Wales)
113 Thomas Smith H S 30 M Fish Curer Ed Limehouse, Middlesex
113 Augustus Webb H S 31 M Hairdresser Ed Plymouth, Devon
113 William Marriner H S 39 M Hawker Ne Witham, Hertford
113 William Stokes H S 45 M Ships Steward Middlesboro, Yorkshire
113 John Nolan H S 58 M Painter Biggleswade, Beds
113 William Timmins H S 24 M Hawker Ne Southend, Essex
113 James Kinney H S 36 M Ships Fireman Grimsby, Lincolnshire
113 George Dunn H S 29 M Wire Worker Yarmouth, Norfolk