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SchedInhabFirst NameSurnameRel to HeadMarital StatusAge SexOccupationEmpl StatusWhere BornAffli- ctions
Microfiche number RG12/279, Page 270,   3 Osborn Street, Whitechapel,
1 I Sidney Fulber H M 50 M Coffee House Keeper Er Sussex, Icklisham
1 Phoebe Fulber W M 51 F Sussex, Evehurst
1 Florence Fulber Da 15 F Pupil Teacher Ed London, Whitechapel
1 Thomas Littlechild Lo S 66 M General Dealer, Shop Ed Essex, High Beach
1 George Everett Lo M 19 M Cattle Man Ed Honolulu
1 David Atkinson Lo S 32 M Painter Ed America, New York
1 Isaac Mass Lo S 51 M Cigar Maker Ed London
1 Walter Smith Lo S 32 M Butcher Ed London, Notting Hill
1 P.D. Clark Lo S 40 M Captain, Seas Ed Chile
1 Henry Jones Lo S 54 M General Labourer Ed Somerset, Portishead
1 Walter C. Johnson Lo S 23 M Coachman Ed London, Wapping
1 Frederick Samuels Lo S 47 M Biscuit Maker Ed Herts, St. Albans
1 William Catterwall Lo s 59 M Carpenter Ed Norfolk, Norwich
1 George Adams Lo S 36 M Ship's Foreman, Seas Ed Northampton
1 William Harris Lo S 28 M Slater Ed London
1 William Richardson Lo S 23 M Sailor, Seas Ed London
1 Patrick Cady Lo S 23 M Boss Cattleman Ed America, H.M.S. Brighton
1 George Atkins Lo S 32 M Char Dealer Ed Hertfordshire
1 William Sayer Lo S 50 M Fishmonger Ed London
1 Robert K. Brampton Lo Wi 45 M Cooper Ed London, Whitechapel
1 Luie Samuels Lo S 34 M Shoe Maker Ed London, Aldgate
1 Harry Harvey Lo S 32 M Fishmonger Ed London
1 Harry Edgar Lo S 39 M Baker Ed Essex
1 Frederick Petrene Lo S 45 M Sailor, Seas Ed Sweden
1 Charles Copsey Lo S 44 M General Labourer Ed London, Whitechapel
1 Joshua O. Benter Lo Wi 58 M General Labourer Ed London, St. Lukes
1 William Smith Lo S 38 M Caretaker Ed Yorkshire
1 Joseph Abrahams Lo M 32 M General Dealer Ed Russia, Poland
1 Frederick W. Marriott Lo Wi 54 M Lighterman Ed Kent, Greenwich
1 John Luppour Lo S 23 M Upholsterer Ed Yorks, Leeds
1 Samuel Marks Lo S 48 M General Dealer Ed London, Duke Street
1 Jacob Robinson Lo S 57 M Traveller Ed Russia
1 Joshep Thornton Lo S 40 M Slater Ed Yorkshire
1 Fanny Banks Lo M 31 F Barmaid Ed America, New York
1 Abraham Lapress Lo S 32 M General Dealer Ed London, Bethnal Green
1 Harry Rosendon Lo S 33 M Boot Maker Ed Russia, Poland
1 Harry Gee Lo S 36 M General Dealer Ed Not Known
1 Richard J. Moore Lo S 32 M Baker Ed Sussex, Brighton
1 John Ryan Lo M 40 M General Labourer Ed London, St. Georges E.
1 W.H. Gray Lo M 21 M Carpenter Ed New Market
1 F. Edwards Lo S 55 M Clerk Ed New Market
1 James Adcom Lo S 36 M General Dealer Ed London
1 Michel Sheen Lo S 48 M General Labourer Ed London, Whitechapel
1 Rose Wills Lo S 30 F Mantle Maker Ed Birmingham
1 Emma Pew Lo S 37 F Tailoress Ed Wiltshire
1 George Purcell Lo M 48 M Engineer Ed Surrey, Surbiton
1 Abraham Herr Lo S 43 M Boot Finisher Ed Germany
1 George Jenkins Lo S 33 M Cabinet Maker Ed Amsterdam
1 James Winter Lo M 50 M Gas Stoker Ed Perthshire
1 Jessie A. Powell Se S 20 F General Serv. Domestic London, Mile End
1 Annie Hope Se S 19 F General Serv. Domestic London, Bethnal Green
1 Matthew Wood Pt S 34 M Night Porter London, St. Georges E.