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Bell Lane, Spitalfields - Part of the Civil Parish of Christ Church, administrative county of London,  district of Whitechapel. Sub-division of Spitalfields.  Ecclesiastical Parish or District: St Stephens, RG12/274

18 Bell Lane, Extending to 15 Tilly Street - Page 151

139 1 John Wallen H M 40 M Cow Keeper Er London  
    Anne do W M 38 F     do  
    Annie do Da S 17 F Assistant, Milk Ed do  
    John do So S 14 M do, do Ed do  
    Maud A. do Da S 12 F Scholar   do  
    Florence do Da S 10 F do   do  
    Jane do Ni S 10 F do   do  
    Edith do Da S 7 F do   do  
    William do So S 5 M do   do  
    Herbert do So S 3 M     Herts  
    Annie Berimes Se S 30 F Servant   N. K.  

White's Row, Spitalfields, appears here, starting at No 2a

Bell Lane will continue here later